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Montgomery AL Flooring: The Best Floors for Kitchens and Bathrooms

What flooring material is best for kitchens? Is this type of floor easy to maintain? You may have been spending a considerable amount of time searching for the answers to similar questions that you have about flooring. You may be spending even more time researching alternatives.

Whether you are in the process of building a new home or remodeling it, we know how much it matters to you to make the right decisions. This is why Montgomery AL Flooring has compiled a list of the best flooring types you can install in the different parts of your home based on your needs.

Montgomery, AL Flooring

The Best Flooring Materials for Kitchens

Ideal: Tile
Tiles have long been the most preferred flooring material for kitchens. They are ideal for their hardness, durability, and high water-resistance ratings. Since tiles come in various shapes, sizes, designs, and patterns, they make the best choice for homeowners who prefer artistic-looking floors.

Best for DIY Installation: Vinyl
This flooring requires fewer tools and comes in click and lock varieties for easy installation. Homeowners can also choose between water-resistant and waterproof types.

Best for Wood-Design Lovers: Engineered Hardwood
The experts at Montgomery AL Flooring discourage using natural wood in kitchens; however, engineered hardwood is an excellent alternative. It is more moisture-resistant, impact-resistant and can last up to 100 years when properly maintained.

Most Affordable: Rubber
Homeowners can have rubber floors professionally installed in their kitchen for $1 to $3 per square foot. Rubber floors are great for homeowners that spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The cushioning property of rubber flooring makes it comfortable to stand on.

Best Flooring Materials for Bathrooms

Most Ideal: Porcelain Tile
Due to their composition and manufacture, porcelain tiles are more water-resistant than ceramic tiles. Some products also come with slip-resistant properties, making them one of the safest bathroom flooring options.

Safest for Kids and Seniors: Luxury Vinyl
Unlike regular vinyl flooring, Luxury Vinyl flooring is waterproof. This type of flooring is also slip-resistant, scratch-resistant, and has a cushioning property. Variants of this Luxury Vinyl flooring come in wood-like or stone-like designs.

Best for Increasing Home Value: Natural Stone
Natural stone is the most expensive flooring option for bathrooms for various reasons. Apart from making a bathroom look luxurious, natural stone tiles require professional installation and regular resealing.

Most Affordable: Laminate
Although there are no waterproof laminate flooring products available today, there are several water-resistant variants. Because of this and their ease of installation, laminate flooring is the most affordable option for bathrooms. To make the most of them, installation should always be left to professionals.

Most Sustainable: Cork
Cork is environmentally-friendly, warm and soft to walk on and resistant to mold and mildew. It can be made water-resistant through sealing.

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